A Wax Painting of Sound

by Anonymous Musik




Thanks to the fans, listeners and all the hip-hop heads out there. Mad shout out to the instrumentalists on this. Mr.Kid, deeB, Blazo and Mr. Moods. Hope you all enjoy. Peace.


released 23 August 2014

And Lukas Rimbach at LR Audio for the long hours and mad audio skills.



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Anonymous Musik Los Angeles, California

Musik. The question is'nt who made it, Its's why. This is Anonymous Musik. This is Hip-Hop. This is love.

Contact: AnonMusik@yahoo.com


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Track Name: Loose Change
I was told so many stories
And I kept em in my stomach
Lies or truth
Fake smiles or blood money
A lost cause at a loss for words
Trying to keep my tone down what im sayings absurd
Unusual, the context unique
Buried in the depths of metaphorical speech
A hidden message
Pull the infinite strings
Reconnect the ends and pretend to justify the means
Parallel were readin the same page
Turn days into literature simple as loose change
It was perfect or at least thats what I'm told
Courage is dead spendin my life fearing the cold
I was useless feelin like dead weight
Plain as day introducing with hand shakes
Originality was spread accross the board
Intricate self worth im searching for more

I swear rain doesn't fall on my feilds
It takes a drought to avoid all the secrets that I concealed
Hidden within dust covered land behind the city
The street lights are dim and the fog is always walking with me
Its nothin new
My eyes adjusted to the scene
Flickering on and off its just the daily routine
I grab a hold of time force it not to leave
The weeds grow sporadic and my home is where im quarantined
Thinkin less
Move the top to where the fewer rest
Given all I got to breath life to the common sense
Movin the top to where the fewer rest
Given all I got to breath life to your silhouette

Each one of us has our own destiny
A place where we come from and a place where were goin
Sometimes what we see or touch might be rough or riged
Like a Wax Painting of Sound stretched to fill the holes in the life we been livin
And each one of us has a story
Different plots intertwined and connected
We pass in the street but all we notice are the vibes that are reflected
Question is do we take or deflect

It seems heavy
But when I wrote my hands were steady
The whites of his eyes seen from the paper till I was ready
Frustration became more common than being calm
And outcasts walked in the motion of every song
Till it fades
I washed away the shades of color
Peeled back the winter bringing light to my summer
I spent the longest time tryna decide on who to be
My destiny manifests my minds in the open sea
See I feel better when im alone
Escaped my own past in creation of time zones
I flipped see my eyes focus on every trip
Reaching for the sky becomes harder with every hit
Till it clears
The smoke settles on all my fears
Rain drops and covers the remains of every tear that I flipped
See my eyes focus on every trip
Reachin for sky the becomes harder with every hit